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English lyrics

Blue Country - English Version

These are English versions of songs which originally appeared on Blue Country LP, released in 1979. All the songs listed below were first recorded in 1979 for "Blue Country" but were then remixed between February and April, 1980. "The Guitar Don't Lie" and "Yellowstone Cowbear" first were released in May, 1980 as a single (SP CBS 8738) which preceeded the forthcoming LP. This LP was never released. Nevertheless, as they are part of the intended, I decided to include both songs in this subsection.

American Classics

Joe liked a lot the thing he called American Medley, which gave him a nice possibility to sing some jazz or R'N'R classics such as "In the Mood" or "Memphis Tennessee" during his concerts. But apart from concerts, he also included American originals in his LPs with Les Deux mondes de Joe Dassin / The Two Worlds of Joe Dassin still being one of the finest examples of such "bipolarity". Here I listed some Joe's interpretations which are not to be found elsewhere.

Other Songs in English

Here you can find lyrics to Joe's own songs in English, such as "Sunday Timesées", which appeared in his LPs and SPs.

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