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This fansite is created and supported by Ekaterina Kovrigina aka RedStone Kate.

All lyrics are transcribed by RedStone Kate and can be used only for educational or other non-commercial purposes. I tried to do my work right but if you see any nonsense or broken link, or an error occurs, please don't get offended, just let me know.


First of all, THANK YOU, JOE!!! Without you this world would sing a bit less than it does now...

I would never know Joe if it wasn't for my elder brother... Thank you, Igor !

I am grateful to my parents for giving me a rare opportunity to take my own decisions. Mom, dad, you are the ones who ALWAYS believed in me...

«Le Dimanche Américain» wouldn't be created if Sandy and Yuri from JoeDassin.info hadn't showed me WHAT a fan could do to honor his beloved star and HOW to do it.

I would also like to thank Tommigun, Julie, Ornella, Pierrette, Erik, Nathalie, Marguerite, Bella, Lilith, Dina, Sheila, Daniel, Johnny, Vlad, Bigbenny, Manon and all Joe's fans throughout the world for their steadiness and passion.

I owe a lot to Jennifer Niederst (Web Design in a Nutshell), Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy (HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide), Jeffry Veen (The Art & Science of Web Design), Ann Navarro (XHTML by Example), Dmitry Kirsanov (Web Design by Dmitry Kirsanov) , Mikhail Dubakov (Using CSS for Web Mastering), Jakob Nielsen (Designing Web Usability: the Practice of Simplicity) and Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir (Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed), whose books helped me understand what a truly useful web site should be.

Special thanks to Sandy (once again) and Geraud for rare documents and materials.

And enormous thanks to Hel for friendship and understanding as well as patience and use of computer.;)

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