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In fact this is no FAQ section. You won't find here any trivia information on how and what Joe has done or recorded. Instead of compiling it by myself (and making mistakes, which is inevitably as I am a mere fan), I decided to let Joe speak for himself. He left us lots of interviews where he expressed his opinions, more or less politely, but always straight and sincerely. So I've got it all together and to represent it in the form of Frequently Asked Questions...

Information below appeared in different medias such as Salut les Copains, Bonne Soirée, Hit, Nous Deux, etc.

Q: What is an ideal woman for you? Are you for a housewife or rather an emansipated woman?

A: I don't have an ideal. Each woman has something to be loved for. I'm rather for a woman who lives to her wants and needs and who doesn't hesitate to expand herself. As for me personally, I expect a woman who would take care of me but who, at the same time, would keep her individual freedom.[1]

Q: According to you, what are the main assets and faults of today's youth?

A: You mean, what I have to reproach teenagers for? For not being a teenager myself! I really miss it... But frankly speaking, the young'uns are always the same: thirsty for some abstract ideal and constantly in conflict with our all-dominating and all-ruling society. The problem is that some years ago the teenagers expressed their feelings in much less aggressive way than they do it nowadays. But I couldn't blame the teenagers! If I'd been in high school the year before, I would sure have taken part in all major manifestations. You know, it is very easy to say "They are stupid" when it doesn't touch you really.[1]

Q: One day I heard you humiliate astrology. What are your reasons?

A: I don't need any reasons! I respect true science and the quacks who take themselves for scientists bore me to death. Astrology is nothing but breach of trust. If it has been a true science, there would be a department of Astrology in every big university in the world. Just the same, serious people have never paid any attention to astrology. And I can understand them! The planets thousand light years away from as barely influence each other. So isn't it stupid to think they should affect lives of mere humans, creatures of no importance for the Universe? By the way, all the astronauts agree that in space one loses all meaning of earthly living. To cut it short, the stars have nothing to do with us.[1]

Q: Do you believe in friendship? Have you ever been disappointed in a friend?

A: I believe one cannot be disappointed in a true friendship. It requires some openness, a rather extended knowledge of each other and a complete generosity. When you are offended at anybody, it is you that you're really offended at... [1]

Q: Are you interested in politics in both France and the USA?

A: Sure, just like anybody else is. But I don't think a singer is a right person to be asked such questions.[1]

Q: Do you think the pollution is the main problem of our time?

A: Yes, and though there is much talking on the subject, I think it is not enough... You'd better discuss it with Cousteau - he'll tell you how the sea is going to rot...[1]

Q: Do you pay any attention to what other people think or you always have your own way?

A: In all professions, and especially in show-business, the individual work exists no more. A result could be achieved only while working together. As for me, I pay attention to what Jacques Plait, Charley Marouani, my musicians and my arranger tell me. But nevertheless, the right of final decision belongs solely to me. It is normal because if I fail, it is me who gets hurt, not the others.[1]

Q: What do you think about bisexual singers such as Alice Cooper and David Bowie?

A: Those two are gays. But what do you want - the biggest Japanese star is a transvestite... In fact, everybody has his fun like he wants to. The matter is that I don't think Alice Cooper's or David Bowie's music has much in it....[1]

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